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Welcome to Tonewood, a charming new community of Detached Homes coming soon to the city of Spruce Grove, just west of Downtown Edmonton! This family-centered neighborhood is perfectly situated near Pioneer Rd & Grove Dr W, right across from the 60-acre Jubilee Park. It offers convenient access to Schools, Big Box stores, Highway 16A, Yellowhead Highway, Downtown Edmonton, and much more!

Detached Homes On Sale Now From The $400s!


Reasons to Buy*

The City of Spruce Grove is one of Alberta’s fastest-growing communities, with its population expected to increase from 37,645 residents in 2021 to 43,470 by 2029. In 2021, Spruce Grove’s population was 37,465, marking a growth of over 11,474 people, or 44%, in the past decade. This growth trend is projected to continue, with the population reaching 43,470 by 2029 (a 15% increase) and nearly doubling by 2059 to 73,042 people (a 94% increase).


Alberta as a whole is seen as a very lucrative place for both business and real estate investment. It is home to the LOWEST Tax Rates in the country. There is NO HST as there is No Provincial Sales Tax. The government is committed in investing $10 BILLION as an infrastructure package. On the real estate side, there are NO Land Transfer Taxes, NO Development Charges, and NO Rent Control. The region is open for business and is attracting businesses from not only the rest of the nation but the entire world. What this means for real estate is simple – more business = more people = a higher demand for real estate.


The economy is BOOMING and just getting started! Alberta is one of the world’s largest oil producers with 99% of all produced oil currently being sold to JUST the United States and at market low prices. THE FIX – is the Trans Mountain Pipeline which will move oil through the Rockies to the West Coast for ocean exports to markets across the world and at Higher Pricing! This will create over $70 Billion in revenue for producers and over $45 Billion in revenue for the provincial and federal governments while bringing thousands of jobs to the sector.

At the same time, the region is transforming into a global tech hub and for good reason. It has one of the highest ratio of Science, Tech, Engineering & Mathematics graduates in the country. This is paving the path for Tech Startups and Multi-National Corporations opening up in the region. Not to mention the growing number of “Tech Unicorns” (companies valued at over $1 Billion). Combine that with the significant tax savings it’s no wonder why the economy is on such an uprise.

More Jobs – Better Economy = More Housing Needs & Increasing Real Estate Needs!


Spruce Grove is strategically situated 11 km west of Edmonton, within the Greater Edmonton Region, a vibrant hub with 1.5 million people. This prime location offers proximity to Edmonton’s population, employment base, quality-of-life amenities, and employment lands, making it ideal for residents and businesses alike. Positioned along the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway 16, the city provides easy access to major transportation routes, including the Edmonton International Airport and CN Rail intermodal yard, benefiting both businesses and citizens with excellent transportation infrastructure.


Over the last 70 years, Sterling Edmonton has quickly become one of Edmonton’s most popular builders. We bring more than seven decades worth of exceptional customer service, superior design and unparalleled craftsmanship to the greater Edmonton area. As a member of the Qualico Group, Sterling Homes focuses on greater Edmonton’s finest family communities, while being able to offer some of the region’s most family friendly prices thanks to volume purchasing power for materials, trades and land.

Quick Facts*

Developer: Sterling Homes
Address: Pioneer Rd & Grove Dr W, Spruce Grove, AB
Pricing: Starting From The $400s
Occupancy: December 2024 – March 2025
Home Types: Detached Homes
Square Footage: 1,477 sq ft – 1,619 sq ft
Deposit Structure: TBA
Incentives*: Platinum VIP Pricing & Floor Plans, First Access to the Best Availability, Leasing & Property Management Services Available, Free Lawyer Review of Your Purchase Agreement, Free Mortgage Arrangements

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