Project Details

Introducing Peak 39 Townhomes, an exciting new addition to an incredible Master-Planned Community located near 82 St NW & Crystallina Nera Way NW in Edmonton! Featuring a desirable location just north of downtown Edmonton, residents at Peak 39 will find themselves moments from a number of must-have amenities including Highways 216, 28 & 15, downtown Edmonton, fantastic shopping and more!

This is an incredible investment opportunity as Edmonton is Canada’s 5th Largest City and with the province’s population set to explode by 46% from now until 2046, there will be an increasingly high demand for housing in the area. The economy is booming, and the city is open for business with the Lowest Tax Rates in the country. Best of all, it is affordable!

Townhomes Starting From The $400s!
12 Months Closing!
2 Year Lease Guarantee!*
(Up To $2,500/month)
2 Year Property Management!*


Reasons to Buy*

Edmonton is the second largest city in Alberta, and the fifth largest in Canada. Currently Edmonton is home to over 1.5 Million People and the population in the province is expected to grow by an additional 46% by 2046 – this will lead to increased demand for real estate resulting in higher pricing and rental rates.

Alberta as a whole is seen as a very lucrative place for both business and real estate investment. It is home to the LOWEST Tax Rates in the country. There is NO HST as there is No Provincial Sales Tax. The government is committed in investing $10 BILLION as an infrastructure package. On the real estate side, there are NO Land Transfer Taxes, NO Development Charges, and NO Rent Control. The region is open for business and is attracting businesses from not only the rest of the nation but the entire world. What this means for real estate is simple – more business = more people = a higher demand for real estate.

The economy is BOOMING and just getting started! Alberta is one of the world’s largest oil producers with 99% of all produced oil currently being sold to JUST the United States and at market low prices. THE FIX – is the Trans Mountain Pipeline which will move oil through the Rockies to the West Coast for ocean exports to markets across the world and at Higher Pricing! This will create over $70 Billion in revenue for producers and over $45 Billion in revenue for the provincial and federal governments while bringing thousands of jobs to the sector.

At the same time, the region is transforming into a global tech hub and for good reason. It has one of the highest ratio of Science, Tech, Engineering & Mathematics graduates in the country. This is paving the path for Tech Startups and Multi-National Corporations opening up in the region. Not to mention the growing number of “Tech Unicorns” (companies valued at over $1 Billion). Combine that with the significant tax savings it’s no wonder why the economy is on such an uprise.

More Jobs – Better Economy = More Housing Needs & Increasing Real Estate Needs!

Located at 82 St NW & Crystallina Nera Way NW, Peak 39 offers a highly desirable location just north of Downtown Edmonton. Highways 216, 28 & 15 are located just minutes from the development allowing you to travel throughout the city seamlessly. Nearby shopping includes Manning Town Centre, Northgate Centre, and Albany Market Square which feature a fantastic assortment of Big Box Stores, grocery stores, dining options and services.

Quick Facts*

Developer: SVS Developments
Address: 82 St NW & Crystallina Nera Way NW
Pricing: Starting From The $400s
Occupancy: 12 Months
Home Types: Townhomes
Square Footage: 1,668 sq ft – 1,748 sq ft
Condo Fees: $195/Month
Deposit Structure: 5% on Signing // 5% Spread Out Over 11 Months
Incentives*: Platinum VIP Pricing & Floor Plans, First Access to the Best Availability, Leasing & Property Management Services Available, Free Lawyer Review of Your Purchase Agreement, Free Mortgage Arrangements, 2 Year Lease Guarantee, 2 Year Property Management

MIB Incentives*

Developer Approved Platinum VIP Brokers
Absolute First Access to Pricing and Floorplans
The Very Best Incentives & Promotions
Extended Deposit Structure
Capped Development Levies
Right of Assignment
Free Lawyer Review of your Purchase Agreement
Free Mortgage Arrangements